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Investing Capital to Deliver Financial Returns With a Triple Bottom Line

Graduates from top universities are in a financial predicament. They would like to start their adult lives, maybe get married, buy a house, start saving for retirement, etc. However, something is holding them back: high-interest (7-12%) student loans. As prime and super-prime borrowers with steady high paying jobs and high credit scores, these young professionals should have access to lower interest rates.

Here is where Impact Capital Funds comes in. We are a fintech company investing capital to deliver a financial return along with a measurable social impact. In other words, we are the first impact investment alternative in the student loan asset class.

With repayment rates of over 99%, graduates from top universities are very safe borrowers. As a result, they should have access to lower interest rates.

Our impact is not limited to the investors or graduates that refinance with us. We pride ourselves on having a triple bottom line, where we positively impact investors, recent graduates, and disadvantaged students in college or planning to attend college.

What is the ICF Triple Bottom Line?

By delivering a triple bottom line, we seek to make an impact by adding value to three distinct groups of individuals:

1) Investors: That are looking for a fixed-income impact investment that pays a targeted financial return of 4% per year while positively impacting young graduates and students’ lives.

2) Recent Graduates: These young Doctors, Lawyers, MBAs, etc. are tired of paying high-interest rates for their student loans. They dream of achieving milestones and building their nest egg.

 3) First-Generation College Students: We recognize finances are one of the main barriers preventing first-generation and minority students from attending college and escaping the poverty trap. As such, we will be donating 50% of profits as scholarships. 

By connecting these three groups, we believe we can contribute to alleviating the student loan crisis facing our nation’s youth.

To learn more about how Impact Capital Funds works and how we are changing the student loan status quo, please refer to the document below.

Investing Capital to Deliver Financial Returns With a Triple Bottom Line
Investing Capital to Deliver Financial Returns With a Triple Bottom Line. Financial Disclaimers

If you would like to download the document above as a PDF, please click here.

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