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This is Us

While the NBC hit show, This is Us, portrays the beauty and truth of what it means to be a family, the Pearson clan lives on television, where scripts are written, characters are cast, and the reality of life isn’t always spot-on. The show provides viewers with well-appreciated themes of diversity, struggle, rivalry, and love. We are able to witness the depth of sadness, the joy of fulfillment, all intertwined with the notion that life is hard, and often messy.

Here at Impact Capital Funds, we want you to know us, and quite frankly, we want to know you. We understand that life is hard and often messy; particularly when it comes to your financial future. So who are we and what do we do?

Let’s start with our manifesto:

               “We believe every human being has the fundamental right to be educated;

               that higher education is transformative for individuals, their families, and

               communities; and that individuals and families, especially in under-resourced

               communities, should not be unduly burdened with student loan debt.”

Student loan debt. That is our forte. Our company was founded on the premise that we could make a difference in a borrower’s life. We are a fintech company that yearns to change the way student loans are refinanced by partnering with investors who see their investments as a way to support the issues that matter to them and to make a positive difference in the world. Our investors believe that giving back is the right thing to do and they want to provide a platform where student loan debt can be reduced simply by refinancing those loans at lower interest rates.

Our leadership team is innovative and intelligent. The model they have created for our company is unique and sustainable, with investors’ and borrowers’ interests at its core, and the potential to provide undergraduate scholarships as well. Driven by the desire to positively affect the lives of graduates who are held back by the burden of high-cost student loan debt, our team aims to help borrowers get on with life – a life in which they have done all the right things: gone to college, perhaps graduate school; gotten a job, but are now hesitating at making future plans because of their high interest loans.

We’ve been there; starting out with bright eyes, looking toward the future; degree in hand and big dreams in our minds. We know how hard it can be put your hopes and aspirations aside because of student loan debt. It feels overwhelming and saddening. Let us help you learn. Let us be a company you can count on. Let us be there for you as you evaluate your future. Partner with us and know that we will be cheering you on as you reach your goals!

You, our readers – you are the heart of our vision. Whether you are an investor, a borrower, or someone concerned about the level of student loan debt in the US, we are glad you are along for the ride. Each week, our blog will serve to educate our readers and to provide a safe forum for conversation, questions, and connection. Stay tuned for a variety of topics that we hope will aid our readers and address the fact that student loan debt is impacting lives greatly, and often with paralyzing implications.

When This is Us debuted in 2016, the NBC network said this: “Everyone has a family. And every family has a story. This grounded life-affirming dramedy reveals how the tiniest events in our lives impact who we become, and the connection we share with each other can transcend time, distance and even death.” We, at Impact Capital Funds, would like to be part of your story.

Impact Capital Funds is a different type of organization, with compassion and understanding as our pillars and the desire to do good in the world while providing opportunities for borrowers and investors alike. Yes, there are many companies in our industry that can access your needs and reduce your interest rates should you refinance with them, but – can they meet you where you are?

We can. And we will. Because this is us.