We Believe that Every Human Being has the Fundamental Right to be Educated

That higher education can be a transformative experience for individuals, their families, and entire communities -- especially for those from economically disadvantaged areas. Those seeking higher education should not be penalized for their ambition and drive or unduly burdened by student loan debt.

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Our mission is to harness investor capital to alleviate student loan debt burdens.

By lowering interest rates for university alumni and their parents, Impact Capital Funds can generate scholarships for financially under-resourced individuals, and generate reliable tax-advantaged returns for our investors.

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News & Updates

April 29, 2021

The ICF Guide to Student Loan Refinancing

Impact Capital Funds’ (ICF) student loan refinancing guide aims to guide a borrower who is considering refinancing student loans. Our intent is to provide a borrower with the tools necessary in order to be better informed, highly organized, and able to make a well-informed personal […]
June 30, 2021

The Struggle and Sacrifice of Parenthood

It was not infrequently that, during my teenage years or whenever I gave my parents a run for their money, my mom would loudly exclaim, “I hope you have six kids that are just like you!” I think her intent, and one that is shared […]
June 16, 2021

A Story of Life Burdened by Student Loans

Everyone has a story and, whether it be one of success despite overwhelming odds or a glimpse into someone’s seemingly interminable inner struggle, the ability to conjure images in the mind’s eye and convey complex emotions gives them tremendous power even after the subjects have passed on.
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