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A Crossroads: Women, Impact Investing, & Education

How They Intersect and Why We Should Care     Women have shown pioneering leadership in the area of ESG investing, and continue to drive the conversation for increased education on the subject of impact investing. The role of women in promoting...

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Student Loans

Investing in a Time of Forgiveness and Forbearance      Financial markets don’t like uncertainty (and neither do investors) and – whether that uncertainty is rooted in geopolitics, ongoing disruptions to global supply chains, inflation and the...

Reflections from Black History Month

What does Black History mean to me? I have never actually taken the time to truly reflect on what Black History month means to me. Because of my role as a major gift fundraiser with the University of Notre Dame, I am always on the go from one city...


Borrower Frequently Asked Questions

1 Does ICF charge fees for the student loan refinance?
2 Is the money for my ICF loan sent to me (the borrower), or directly to the original lender?
3 Will checking my rate on the ICF website affect my credit?
4 Will applying for a student loan refinancing affect my credit?
5 Who will service my loan?
6 Can my spouse and I refinance and consolidate all of our loans into one?
7 Can I add a Cosigner?
8 If I default on my loan, is my co-signer responsible for repaying my loan?
9 As a borrower, how long does it take to be approved and receive my ICF loan?
10 What is the AutoPay discount?
11 What happens to my loan if ICF is no longer around?
12 Can international students on H-1B or STEM OPT Refinance with ICF?
13 Does ICF have a variable rate product?
14 Will ICF Refinance both federal (government) and private student loans?
15 Does ICF Offer a Grace Period?
16 What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can refinance with ICF?