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Impact Capital Funds is a Minority-Owned, Woman-led Social Impact Fintech Platform on a Mission

To refinance burdensome student loans and create new scholarship opportunities for low-income, BIPOC, and first-generation college students.

Brilliance is Evenly Distributed.
Opportunity is Not.

We may not know who initially coined this phrase, but it is an unavoidable fact that not every student has equal access to education or to college financing.

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)  typically don't have the same level of familial wealth to support their post-secondary education, resulting in greater indebtedness - often at higher interest rates - than their White counterparts. At the same time, women, regardless of ethnicity, are not compensated at the same rates as their male counterparts, and often need more time to pay off an equal amount of debt. As one might predict, the problem compounds in the case of BIPOC women.

The reality is that these factors make the true cost of attending college inequitable. Higher education is fundamentally more expensive and has greater potential consequences for low-income, BIPOC, and female students who must borrow to pursue or complete their degrees.

ICF partners with social impact investors who share our values and commitment to equitable access to educational, financial, and professional opportunities.

These investors are individuals, institutions, foundations, and corporations who recognize the vast potential that is lost when college graduates must make loan-payments their primary consideration when deciding to start a family, open a business, pursue an advanced degree, work for a non-profit, or save for their retirement. Conversely, our investors recognize the vast potential held by college graduates when they are unencumbered by debt!

With our partner investors, ICF is determined to disrupt inequality from two distinct, but related, angles.

ICF has developed a proprietary model of investment, loan refinance, and scholarship creation. Utilizing investment capital, we refinance high interest rate student loans, making it possible for credit-worthy college graduates to pay off their loans at a savings of 10-50%, enabling them to make personal and professional choices less encumbered by loan indebtedness.

At the same time, our investment model creates new scholarship money for low-income, first-generation, and BIPOC college students. This new scholarship money begins to make the cost of college more equitable for all students, regardless of racial or financial background.

As a woman of color and first-generation college graduate, co-founder and CEO of Impact Capital Funds, C. Elizabeth Abeyta-Price, has firsthand experience of the profound impact a college education can have on an individual, familial, and even community level. Elizabeth’s husband and co-founder, Craig Price, developed ICF’s proprietary investment model to help mitigate racial wealth and income disparities.

Our Team and Advisory Board

The Team Leading Impact Capital Funds


C. Elizabeth Abeyta-Price

Co-founder, CEO & Board Member

As Co-founder and CEO, C. Elizabeth Abeyta-Price leads the company’s impact strategy and represents the company to prospective investors. The beneficiary of a college scholarship herself, she is a cum laude graduate of the University of Notre Dame in Government & International Relations and subsequently returned as a Ford Foundation pre-doctoral fellow in Developmental and Counseling Psychology.

Elizabeth has been dedicated to service and philanthropy among her local community for the past two decades, and creating opportunities for under-resourced communities remains close to her heart. This is why she has looked for the opportunity to build Impact Capital Funds.

In light of the ongoing student loan crisis, Elizabeth was driven to create something which could simultaneously 1) help many of those that were drowning in student loan debt manage it at a lower cost, and 2) create a way for individuals and institutions to invest in the talent pool, grow their resources, and establish a philanthropic impact that would help build a brighter future for many. 

Callie Headshot Circle

Callie Lawson

Senior Product Manager

With twenty years’ experience in consumer lending, Callie is an innovative financial products developer. She has overseen the lending programs of a large credit union, worked on home ownership-resilience and climate change for a non-profit, and worked to automate alternative lending tools for one of the largest financial software fintechs in the world. At Impact Capital Funds, Callie is responsible for identifying and developing student loan refinance products and credit risk strategies.

Bridget Circle, Properly Cropped

Bridget Morrey

Director of Partnerships

With three decades in the higher education and K-12 education and arts industries, Bridget has extensive experience in fundraising, finance, and education. At ICF, Bridget develops partnerships to increase impact funding opportunities. and philanthropy initiatives in Stuart, Florida.

03 - 250*250 BryanPNG24

Bryan Timmerman

Chief Technology Officer

After spending 15 years in Cybersecurity, primarily working to secure Fortune 50 companies in healthcare and finance, Brian realized that small companies were in just as much in need of security services as their larger counterparts. He created Coastal Cyber Consulting to meet the security needs of small and mid-size businesses that need access to cybersecurity specialists.

The Advisory Board for Impact Capital Funds


Melissa Paulsen

Board Member

Melissa Paulsen is the director of the Entrepreneurship and Education Division within the Pulte Institute for Global Development at the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs and a concurrent faculty member. Melissa’s career in academia includes teaching and directing social entrepreneurship initiatives, including helping students and alumni launch social enterprises. She is a graduate of Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts with degrees in English and philosophy and holds a master’s degree from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, specializing in nonprofit management.


Ray Herring, Jr.

Board Member

Ray Herring has a decade of experience working in higher education. Currently, he is the Director of Regional Development at the University of Notre Dame raising major gifts to support various initiatives and endowments. Prior to Notre Dame, Ray was the Assistant Athletics Director of Administration at Florida Institute of Technology, where he led projects in the areas of strategic planning, facilities management, HR and fundraising. Ray graduated from the University of Notre Dame as a double major in Computer Applications and Sociology. He also has an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology and graduated from the Sports Management Institute executive program.


Michael Crehan

Board Member

Michael Crehan is a former Senior Associate Director in the Graduate Business Programs Career Services team at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to that, he was a Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers in New York, where he served in the credit advisory group. Michael was a Senior Director at Standard & Poor’s Ratings in New York, London, and Frankfurt. He earned a B.A. in Economics from Notre Dame and an MBA from Babson College.


Ana Bermudez

Board Member

Ana is the founder and CEO of TAGit, a tech company that monetizes ads and product placement on TV. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Ana enjoyed a six-year career as a Wealth Management Advisor. She is passionate about serving her community, promoting STEM and higher education in under-served and under-represented communities. Ana serves as Program Director for Stella Angels, an angel investor network with a mission to increase the number of female angel investors and fund more female-owned companies. Ana enjoys combining her passion with profession and serves as an At-Large Alumna on the Notre Dame Alumni Association board of directors


Jeffrey Serkes

Board Member

Jeff Serkes has nearly four decades of experience in various financial positions, including COO of Palisade Capital Management, LLC, an independent asset manager, SVP & CFO of Allegheny Energy, Inc., VP & Treasurer and VP, Finance, Sales & Distribution of IBM Corp., VP and Deputy Treasurer at RJR Nabisco, and other financial positions at both RJR and The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. Jeff has a BBA from The George Washington University and an MBA in Finance from the Rutgers Graduate School of Business.


Marquan Robertson

Board Member

Marquan is a graduate of Notre Dame Law School and is currently working as a Law Clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Prior to law school, Marquan worked as a Financial Aid Counselor at Temple University, helping parents and students navigate student loans. Forced to borrow loans to pursue his own education, he has developed a strong desire to reduce student debt burdens for future students. Impact Capital Funds allows him to do just that.

02 - 250*250 Martha PNG24

Martha Savery

Board Member

Martha Savery has more than 30 years of experience working in the student loan financing industry and higher education administration. Most recently, she was the Director of Public Affairs and Communication at MEFA (Massachusetts Education Financing Authority), where she acted as the primary media contact and content expert for all products and services relating to planning, saving, and paying for college. Martha has frequently presented on college access and affordability at state, regional, and national levels, and served as both liaison and point of contact for numerous stakeholders in the college savings and student loan financing space.