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Invest in the Power of Education

We earn a competitive annual income for our investors by refinancing student loans held by working professionals who graduated from top universities while generating scholarships through our ‘Booster Portfolio’ strategy.

Investing for More



  • Mission-driven institutional investors can earn a targeted 3.0% - 4.0% annual distribution with potential upside
  • Investing in refinancing high-cost student debt held by creditworthy university graduates
  • Increasing investor return through ‘Booster Strategy’ by investing in the Enhanced Income and Dividend Portfolio (EDIP) sub-managed by Capital Wealth Planning
  • Generating potential tuition scholarships for students with financial need


  • Multi-asset investment vehicle designed to generate a targeted 3.0% - 4.0% return with potential upside
  • Impacting the lives of creditworthy young professionals by refinancing their expensive student debt
  • Diversifying your investment and boosting returns by investing in the Enhanced Income and Dividend Portfolio (EDIP) sub-managed by Capital Wealth Planning
  • Creating a positive chain reaction by breaking the cycle of poverty by generating scholarships for low-income students


Investing in Impact Capital Funds

How do I open an investment account with Impact Capital Funds (ICF)?

To open an account, the prospective investors will need to sign up via the ICF's Investor Portal.  Review the offering documents, e-sign the subscription document, and submit it through the ICF portal.   For an investor or institution to invest with Impact Capital Funds, the investor/institution must first prove their accredited status. This can be done by providing a certification letter from a CPA, a lawyer or licensed investment advisor.

What is the minimum investment for ICF's Student Loan Impact Fund?

The minimum investment levels are as follows:

  • for individual accredited investors: $100,000
  • for institutional accredited investors: $500,000

The General Partner (“GP”) i.e., Impact Cap Management may accept a lesser amount based on its discretion.

Does Impact Capital Funds accept investments from foreign investors or US Citizens living abroad?

No, at this time Impact Capital Funds only accept investments from US citizens or permanent residents.

Am I able to invest in ICF’s Fund with a Roth or Traditional IRA?

Yes, but the investment must be made through a self-directed IRA custodian.

Investor Accreditation

Who qualifies as an individual Accredited Investor?

The definition of accredited investor is regulated by the SEC in Rule 501 of Regulation D. To be an accredited investor an individual must:

  • Have an annual income exceeding $200,000 ($300,000 for joint income) for the last two years with the expectation of earning the same or a higher income in the current year. Or
  • An individual is also considered an accredited investor if they have a net worth exceeding $1 Million, either individually or jointly with their spouse exclusive of their personal residence. Or 
  • A holder in good standing of the Series 7, Series 65, or Series 82 
What third-party agents are appropriate to confirm my accreditation?
  • A Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or FINRA licensed and registered broker-dealer
  • A Licensed Attorney
  • An Investment Advisor licensed and registered by the SEC under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940

Fund Investment Structure

How does the Student Loan Impact Fund (SLI Fund) invest?

ICF's SLI Fund invests in two asset classes:

  1. Equity securities and covered call options, and
  2. Private refinanced student loans.
What is the annual distribution target rate?
  • ICF's SLI Fund anticipates a 3.0 - 4.0% annual distribution.
How often are distributions paid out?

Distributions are paid to investors annually through our fund's administrator with a calculation based on the amount of their original investments.

How often will I be able to check the value of my investment?

You can check the value of your investment at any time online, but the fund's net asset value (NAV) is updated monthly.


What is the fee to invest in Impact Capital Funds' Student Loan Impact Fund?

The annual management fee is 1.25%. There are no carried interest or "2 and 20" fees associated with the fund.

Impact Investing Element

What positive impact will my investments have?

Borrowers who refinance with Impact Capital Funds typically will save 10%-50% compared to their original interest rates.
50% of all returns above the annual 3.0-4.0% target rate are used to create new scholarships at colleges or universities selected by the investor.

Risk Management

Is Impact Capital Funds ever audited?

Impact Capital Funds is audited annually by the firm Rehmann.

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