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ICF is the First Social Impact Investment Firm of its Kind.

We Provide Accredited Investors a Platform to Refinance High-Interest Student Loans, Target a Stable and Competitive Return, and Generate Scholarship Opportunities for Students in Need.

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Investing in Young Professionals' Education
Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty


Socially Conscious Investors Want to do More than Earn a Profit

Investors want Competitive Income and Reduced Volatility, but
they increasingly want to have a Meaningful Social Impact


                           Investments in the Student Loan Impact Fund:

- Earn Impact Investors a Targeted Income of 3.0 - 4.0%      

- Boost Social Mobility and Equity by Creating Scholarships 

- Are Returned to You at Term End                                          

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A Continuous & Sustainable Market

"10 million Americans hold private, commercial student loans that cannot be forgiven or cancelled by Washington"

                                                                                                         – New York Federal Reserve report, March 2022

- $135 Billion of Private Loans are Outstanding¹                        

- Private Student Loans have an Average APR of 10.2%²         

- Private Loan Borrowers have an Average FICO score of 748²

Invest in the Professionals  of the Future

1 New York Federal Reserve report, March 2022                          2 LendEDU report on private loans, March 2022

Marquan's Story - Overcoming the Odds


Marquan Robertson worked hard to overcome the odds of the zip code he was born into. Despite his efforts, accomplishments, and doing everything right, he now finds himself on the verge of graduating law school with yet another hurdle to face...


This powerful story is just one example of the many deserving college graduates that Impact Capital Funds is working to help refinance and overcome the odds of student loan debt.


Invest Your Capital   to Change Lives