We Believe that Every Human Being has the Fundamental Right to be Educated

Higher education can be a transformative experience for individuals, their families, and entire communities -- especially for those from economically disadvantaged areas. Those seeking higher education should not be penalized for their ambition and drive or unduly burdened by student loan debt.

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  • Receive a targeted yield of 3.0 - 4.0% with upside potential
  • Invest in a diversified loan and equity portfolio
  • Your investment yields both social and financial returns
  • Open to accredited and institutional investors


  • Are able to refinance at low fixed-interest rates starting at 4.10% APR
  • No origination or prepayment fees; no cosigner
  • Accepting applications from US and International grads1
  • Fast and easy online application process

1Currently working in the USA with STEM OPT or H1B Visa

Our mission is to harness investor capital to alleviate student loan debt burdens.


By lowering interest rates for university alumni and their parents, Impact Capital Funds can generate scholarships for financially under-resourced individuals, and generate reliable tax-advantaged returns for our investors.



ICF strives to level the playing field for young professionals of every race, ethnicity, gender, and economic background.


ICF works tenaciously to lower student loan rates and to create new scholarships for disadvantaged students.


ICF fosters the opportunity for college graduates to build wealth and more fully explore their choices in life.


ICF collaborates with corporations, institutions, and individual investors to multiply students' and graduates' success.

Our Partners

Education as a Vocation

Committed to the education of young minds, our educational partners operate in the breach between what is and what can be. Our partners know that adequate funding can make all the difference in determining whether a student attends and perseveres through college.

As a recipient of ICF scholarship funds, our educational partners can facilitate their students’ success during college and beyond.

United by a Common Purpose

By investing with us, foundations and institutions provide the capital to refinance student loans, potentially reducing graduates’ and parents’ interest rates by as much as 50%.

This refinancing allows graduates to make life choices based on goals, values, and hopes rather than burdensome debt obligations.

Professional Associations

Utilizing our platform, associations make cost-effective refinancing available to their members; associations with foundations that invest with us generate scholarships for future professionals who demonstrate financial need.

These partnerships help to create greater racial equity and economic equality.

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