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We Believe that Every Human Being has the Fundamental Right to be Educated

Higher education can be a transformative experience for individuals, their families, and entire communities -- especially for those from economically disadvantaged areas. Those seeking higher education should not be penalized for their ambition and drive or unduly burdened by student loan debt.

Our mission is to harness investor capital to alleviate student loan debt burdens.


By lowering interest rates for university alumni and their parents, Impact Capital Funds can generate scholarships for financially under-resourced individuals, and generate reliable tax-advantaged returns for our investors.



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Providing Clarity in Light of the Recent Student Loan Announcement

Laura Midkiff
US Economy, Refinancing, Student Loan Debt

Last month, President Biden announced limitedloan cancellations and provided information unveiled by the Department of Education and Student Loan Servicers. People disagree when it comes to loan forgiveness, but, for a clearer understanding, Impact...

A Crossroads: Women, Impact Investing, & Education

Bridget Morrey
Our Impact and Potential, Investing, Personal Stories, Impact Investing

How They Intersect and Why We Should Care

    Women have shown pioneering leadership in the area of ESG investing, and continue to drive the conversation for increased education on the subject of impact investing. The role of women in promoting...

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Student Loans

C. Elizabeth Abeyta-Price
Investing, US Economy, Student Loan Debt

Investing in a Time of Forgiveness and Forbearance

     Financial markets don’t like uncertainty (and neither do investors) and – whether that uncertainty is rooted in geopolitics, ongoing disruptions to global supply chains, inflation and the...