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A Fork in the Road

My favorite Robert Frost poem is The Road Not Taken. Published in 1916, Frost offers us a perspective of what it is to journey along the path of life and reach a point where there is a choice to be made. Lives are made up of many choices and if you are reading this, more than likely, you chose a college education, or perhaps a graduate degree, and in doing so, you are making monthly payments on your student loans.

There are many on the same path; in fact, there are over 44 million borrowers walking along side you and wondering if they will ever be able to repay the many thousands of dollars they owe.

You do not walk alone. And neither did Frost. History tells us that prior to 1916, Frost spent time in England with his friend, writer Edward Thomas. Together, they took daily walks and Frost found humor in the fact that when they’d reach a fork in the road, Thomas was indecisive and worried about what he’d miss by choosing one path over the other.

Indecisiveness. FOMO. Regret. These are familiar feelings and are further exacerbated by the fact that there are so many choices to be made; so many decisions that lay before us like scattered leaves.

Let’s start at the beginning of the student loan highway: You got into college or graduate school. You, or perhaps your parents took out loans for you to attend your dream school. You received a first-rate education. On your graduation day, you donned your cap and gown and walked proudly across the stage. Your parents snapped pictures on their cell phones and your grandmother shed a tear of joy; she was so darn proud of you. 

You Are All Grown Up

Jump ahead three months. You have a job. You are adulting. You have your own apartment. You have student loan debt and now begins the repayment period. Years and years of paying it back. How will you ever get ahead? What will the future look like for you?

If you live in the Northeast or the Midwest, your level of student loan debt is the highest in the country. In the Northeast, students are more likely to attend private colleges, which have higher tuition rates. 

Nationally, the average student loan debt is $37,500 and according to, the total student loan debt of $1.6 trillion dollars continues to climb at a rate of $2,953.88 per second. 14% of adults in the US carry the burden of student loan debt, with a per capita amount of $4,920.

The data is daunting, the future looks frightening, and adulting is arduous. Impact Capital Funds hopes to accompany you on your journey towards a bright and fulfilling future by providing you with guidance and a financial home where you can refinance your student loans and gain some peace of mind.

The road you are on may seem bumpy, especially at night when darkness brings uncertainty and fear. Perhaps in those murky moments of trepidation, the feeling of panic takes hold as you contemplate your student loan debt. Remember, you do not walk alone. We are here with you and for you.

Why You Matter

Perhaps you are asking yourself, as you read this post, “Why do I matter?” in this densely forested landscape of student loan debt. You matter because, at Impact Capital Funds, giving back is fundamental to our mission. 

Our desire is to provide you with the tools (think compass, walking stick and water bottle) to make profound choices when it comes to refinancing your student loans at a lower interest rate. This, alone, will “impact” your life, in ways you cannot imagine (hold tight – that topic is coming up in the next few weeks).

You matter because:

·       YOU made a choice to further enlighten yourself by going to college and/or graduate school.

·       YOU engage with people every day, who will forever be changed by meeting you.

·       YOU have talent, like that of Robert Frost, and that talent has the power to inspire others.

·       YOU cause a ripple effect when you lend a helping hand to others.

·       YOU have a contribution to make to the world, even if you are not yet sure what it is.

And so do we, here at Impact Capital Funds. Our contribution is to lessen the load you carry following your graduation.

In life, we all have those “what if” moments; when we second guess ourselves. You may ask yourself: “What if I hadn’t gone to college?” “What if I’d gone to a state school?” What if I never get out of debt?” 

The road of life is filled with “what if” questions and different paths to take. You can choose to be on your present path OR you can take the road less travelled. Take that detour up ahead and look for Impact Capital Funds. I can tell you that years from now, there will  be a moment when you recall your partnership with us; you will think to yourself, “And that has made all the difference.”